Knitted Wool E-Cigarette Tank Neck Carrying Case

ecig case 1ecig case

It’s not healthy to smoke cigarettes so I’ve decided to stop the alternative is electronic cigarettes with no nicotine. My excuse after stopping is work stress.  It is much heavier than a cigarette and cumbersome to carry around and I don’t want to damage it by tossing it in my purse.  These things are expensive in my opinion.  After some thought I spun some wool blend yarn and machine knitted an e-cigarette protank neck carrying case. An easier way to carry around the neck for easy access. It also has a button cover to protect the drip tip from debris and from falling out. Wool brown tone color variations will vary. Made to order.

Children Sweaters

It’s Christmas time and all children need sweaters! Made to order in various sizes and colors.  My nephew’s one year old son will be warm this winter.

children sweaters

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